Office Cleaning In Vancouver BC – Keeping Your Office Clean

If you are looking for an office cleaning business in Vancouver BC Canada you have found the right company. Vancouver Janitorial Services (VJS) is a dedicated full service office cleaning company that provides customers the best possible office cleaning in Vancouver and the surrounding area.

There are tons of office cleaning companies but VJS has high quality standards and won’t let you down. We have highly-trained cleaning professionals on staff who have lots experience in the cleaning industry.

Hiring a highly trained cleaning staff will create a great first impression for your potential clients who visit your office. Your office will be clean and professional looking. This will create a great first impression so be sure to take the time and hire only professionals like JVS.

Why choose VJS for your office cleaning in Vancouver!

We take pride in what our customers want and need. The following are the main reasons why you should choose us among the various office cleaning companies out there.

· Communication. We aim to build good working relationships with our customers and we know that with an open and constant communication, we can achieve this. We ensure customers that our employees are doing the best of their cleaning abilities by performing a routine checkup and getting feedback from the customers. We also organize an open line of communication with our customers to make sure we are informed of any additional work or any other concerns.

office cleaning in Vancouver BC· Staff. We have a number of highly trained cleaning professionals who have extensive experience in the cleaning industry. The staff members are hand picked after a thorough background check and assessment of their cleaning skills. They are also trained to use various cleaning methods and perform different cleaning tasks. The staff members also wear a uniform for proper identification, safety, and security purposes. Through our staff, customers are ensured of the best office cleaning Vancouver.

· Quality Control. Vancouver Janitorial Services aims to achieve utmost customer satisfaction through its quality control procedure. During and after each cleaning job, we appoint an onsite supervisor (for bigger facilities) or a roving crew (for smaller facilities) to inspect, monitor and ensure that the quality of work and the expectations of the customer are achieved by our cleaning staff.

· Green Products. Vancouver Janitorial Services use only the most environmental-friendly yet very effective cleaning materials for all of their office cleaning in Vancouver. We have a wide range of cleaning products made from ingredients that do not harm nature, and are guaranteed safe to people and the environment.

· Insurance. Unlike other office cleaning in Vancouver, Vancouver Janitorial Services is fully insured to protect not only our interests but most importantly the customers’. We are a registered corporation in the province of British Columbia, and we adhere to all local, provincial, and Canadian regulations.

· Safety. We at the Vancouver Janitorial Services make sure that each of our employees is equipped to handle all kinds of office cleaning tasks. They undergo training to use new equipment and to familiarize with various cleaning chemicals.

· References and Relationships. As one of the best office cleaning Vancouver companies, we always strive to meet the expectations of our customers and keep them happy and satisfied with our cleaning skills.

· Flexible Frequency. We always want the best for our customers, and because of this, we are flexible to any type of schedule our customers wants.

Vancouver Janitorial Services aims to be not only the best in providing office cleaning in Metro Vancouver, but we offer a lot more. Call us at 604-332-0063 and experience the wonders of our cleaning expertise!